The Pocket tape Ammeter is the result of a
continually developed BMI Quicky that was sold
a hundred thousand fold. It is very compact,
lightweight and handy.

High Precision

Its vial bubbles move 5x faster than those
of ordinary levels. Therefore inaccuracies
can be recognised much sooner- and much


Robust foldable angle level for variable transfer
or taking of angles from 0° to 270°. Angles
can be fixed at 15 degree increments using the
lockable joint.

Nautilus IPX7

A fully professional unit for horizontal levelling 
in the toughest construction site operations. Set
it up, switch it on and get started (single button
operation), mains or battery powered.

TopoMat IPX5

No time-consuming conversion: Quick
continuous adjustment from horizontal
to vertical use by means of 90° folding
joint with lock.

BMI product video

Quality Measuring instruments - In our latest
BMI product video , we present the amazing
features of our tools which will also impress
the pros.


  • BMImeter
  • Highprecision
  • Winkelstar
  • Nautilus IPX7
  • TopoMat
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