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Accuracy: BMI measuring tapes have been manufactured according to the highest quality standards applicable in Germany. We guarantee compliance with the tolerances according to EC accuracy classes for metric graduations.

It applies to

  • steel measuring tapes: Class II (Class I for an extra charge; except Legality - not possible)
  • for glass fibre reinforced measuring tapes: Class II (III for cm / cm-graduation)

All measuring tapes with a metric graduation are EEC pattern approved and can be calibrated for an extra charge. This calibration is valid in all EU member states. The above does not apply to some dipping tapes.

Tolerances according to EC accuracy classes at 20° C and a tensile strength of: 20 Newtons (N) for plastic and 50 Newtons (N) for steel measuring tapes.

  • I: ± 1,1 mm in 10 m
  • II: ± 2,3 mm in 10 m
  • III: ± 4,6 mm in 10 m

Certificate of Conformity:
A Certificate of Conformity will be provided, if required, for all measuring tapes with metric graduation. Compliance of the tape widths with the respective EC type approval and the observation of measuring tolerances according to EC accuracy classes are certified herein

High-quality measuring tapes

High-quality measuring tapes can be recognized from the different imprints at the tape end. There you will find the manufacturer’s label, the number of the EC type approval, the EC class accuracy, the reference temperature and the tension for which the manufacturer guarantees the observation of measurement tolerances according to the EC class accuracy.

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