961 Left-handed scale

Cold-hammered special aluminium alloy, nature-coloured, 1.4 mm thick, section height 14 mm. Silver coat, with black and red digits graduation. Digits and graduations deep etched in the anodized coat. The graduation is largely anti-abrasive, and withstands chemicals, grease and oil.

The rule has precision-latching galvanized steel springs. EC accuracy class II. One side is graduated from right to left (red graduation). Especially suitable for left-handers.


Available designs

Design 2m, mm 2 m, mm / inch 2 m, mm, calibrated 1 m, mm 1 m, mm/inch
530 MFSL x
531 MFSL x
620 MFSL x x x


  • BMImeter
  • Highprecision
  • Winkelstar
  • Nautilus IPX7
  • TopoMat
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